I’m It! Again!

Published June 20, 2012 by bossymoksie

Shit. I’ve been tagged again by TheMercyFuck (awesome blog with an awesome title). Thank you!

But I was serious in my previous post about tagging other blogs. I’m gonna be like a lion in the jungle, creepin on an antelope. Like the Terminator after you exploded the building I was in, like a stealth jet invading an oil rich country, like a stalker waiting around the corner,  like a child molester waiting at the school playground…you get the picture. When you least expect it and think you’re safe and sound,  YOU WILL BE THE ONE THAT IS IT!

Watching…and waiting.

Now for the part I never get tired  of doing. Answering questions about me!

1. Do you have any weird quirks? If so, what are they?
Bad, impulsive, involuntary Jim Carry impersonations?
2. Why did you start a blog?
 Couldn’t bitch to Cali friends so I went online!
3. What do you think of plural marriage–as in the Fundamentalist Mormon variety?
Men being greedy.
4.  What do you think Mid-Western values are?
5. Do you Yelp?
Only if I have to.
6. What do you think is the best online dating site?
Any social media site, but only if you must.
7. What’s your best quality?
All of them.
8. Why did it take over a month to arrest George Zimmerman?
Because the media decides where justice is served and who should be arrested, not the cops. Duh.
9. Why do Americans like the Kennedy family so much?
Photogenic. Plus Marilyn Monroe was associated with them.  And who doesn’t love all things Marilyn?

Oh that Marilyn!

10. Who do you think will win the presidency in 2012 in the US?
Stephen Colbert.
11. Are you part of the 99%, the 1% or the part of the population that doesn’t believe there is an ever growing gap between the rich and the poor in this country?
I’m part of the 99% marrying blogging her way into the 1 %.

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