Needy Guys vs. Nice Guys

Published June 18, 2012 by bossymoksie

Dudes complain about being the nice guy. Nice guys don’t get laid. And jerks say they became jerks because no one paid them any mind while they were nice. Maybe so. But were you really a nice guy? Or were you a needy guy?

Because needy guys are just acting nice because they are afraid of bein left. It’s a tactic. And just like dudes can sniff out a desperate chick, we can sniff out a desperate dude. The behavior is pretty much the same. Constantly calling, constantly wanting attention and constant ass kissing compliments; constantly wanting to know that they are the center of your Universe. Buying you those $100 pair of True Religion jeans on your second date. Looking at houses on your fourth date. Saying ‘I love you’ on the fifth date. They think that by being ‘nice’ they’ll butter you up and get what they want in return- YOUR CONSTANT APPROVAL AND ATTENTION and sucking the life out of you in a slow, slow death. A needy guy is manipulative. He’s trying to survive his codependency by makin you codependent too. Now that’s all well and good when you are wanting lots of attention, compliments or gifts. Just know that it all comes with a price. And you needy guys need to know that all you’re gonna get from me is a mouthful of sass and name-calling at arms length (unless you are filling those arms with clothes and stuff). 😉

A nice guy is a doormat. There’s a difference. The nice guy is usually nice to everyone- his boss, his friends, his family. They all usually take advantage or expect it. The nice guy may still do some of the above mentioned things, but he is uncomfortable about it. Because you are manipulating him and he’s not sure how to stop it. Why? Because he’s nice and doesn’t wanna slap a ho. And at the end of the day, a woman doesn’t want either.

We want the honest guy. We want the guy who will tell us when we fucked up. We want the guy who will tell us when we’re being silly. We want the guy who admits that he would rather be tested for Chlymidia than watch another episode of “The Housewives of Atlanta”. We want the guy who after three years, a possible death scare, and a job promotion, finally says I love you and really means it.

So until you become that dude, we’ll just be fuckin around with the rest of you guys!


14 comments on “Needy Guys vs. Nice Guys

  • Very well said. I definitely agree with everything you said about these self proclaimed “nice guys”. I had my own encounter with one on FB and he’s exactly what you described. Unfortunately, I had to let him loose because I couldn’t stand him anymore. All we do is fight over text and FB messenger like a married couple. He deleted me off his friends list, which is a good thing but I don’t know if he deleted my number or not. I deleted him off my contacts list and I no longer initiates contact with this d-bag. I had him blocked on my phone but I’ll be changing my number soon so I don’t have to worry about blocking him or him texting me out of nowhere sometime in the future.

    • LOL, glad you agree. ‘Being nice’ is just another tactic to win us over, for some men. Some men just live their lives that way!
      And yeah, if you’re not feeling a guy, you should just let him go. Don’t got time for that.

  • Right. He wasn’t much of a challenge to me at all, he’s so predictable and boring, and always avail. When I find that a man is too predictable, boring and always available and not much of a challenge to me, I get bored really fast. That just tells me he doesn’t have much going on in his life except wait for me to call or text. Getting rid of him would be the last thing on my mind. That’s just how I am and how I function. If a man wants to keep me interested, then he shouldn’t come off as predictable, always available or be such a buzz kill. I don’t want something that’s too easy to achieve, I like to be challenged in a good way. The dude I met blames me for being a dumb bimbo who’ll dump on the “nice guys” and will only go for bad boys. I told him “That’s right, I love bad boys and that’s my fudging problem.”

    • Ha! I think predictability bores both genders, most of us love a little challenge! Except needy people, of course.
      And I hate when guys try to insult you when they feel rejected. Like insulting someone is gonna get them back! You’re better off, he just showed his true colors.

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