Putting In Time

Published June 13, 2012 by bossymoksie

Time goes by…

I was talking with a guy friend of mine and we talked about Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady”. More specifically we talked about how realistic, or not, the three-month sex rule in the book. As in don’t have sex until you’ve dated three months. My friend says that would be really hard (no pun intended, so stop it!). But not the reason you think. I asked him why he wouldn’t be able to hold out that long, expecting him to admit that he’s just a horndog who wants to hit it first and ask questions later, like most dudes.

But instead he said, “What if you fall in love, and then after three months you have sex and find out you’re not compatible in bed?”

“That would suck.” I agreed. “But so what? Women do it all the time. They have sex with dudes, then realize after a few months that he could really give a fuck. It happens.”

“But then you put in all that time, and it amounted to nothing.”

What bitch????!!!!

WHAT BITCH???!!!!!!!

Welcome to disappointment alley, where most women end up after sexing up getting to know some dude for three months plus only to be dropped in a dumpster in a place far, far away from where they first met the dude.

How is it that YOU don’t wanna waste time getting to know a girl, but women gotta waste their time, energy, emotional investment on sexing you and goin out on an emotional limb with the hopes of havin a real relationship. Only to have you disappoint the fuck outta the relationship and turn into a fucktard. I’ve seen a guy string along a bitch for 9 years! (That is actually a plot line in the movie based on Steve Harvey’s book!) Only to decide, he doesn’t wanna spend the rest of his life with the girl. What about that investment? What about that disappointment? Some nerve. Dating involves risk, don’t be a pussy. It’s a jungle out there!

Mid-rant my guy friend interrupts me. “Why are YOU goin off? You’re relationships never last that long.”

I can be mad if I want to! I’m mad for all those times I had to hang out with a sobbing mess of a girlfriend who after months/years of sex getting to know some dude, is dumped in the back alley trash. Shit, we coulda been shopping instead!


2 comments on “Putting In Time

  • Waiting doesn’t necessarily mean a real relationship. I think Steve would’ve been better to say “Don’t have sex with him until you know what his intentions for you are.” Some men are only interested in the chase and will chase you for as long as it takes. Three months, they can wait three years if it takes that long. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll want a relationship with you.

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