Your Boyfriend

Published June 12, 2012 by bossymoksie

Overly attached girlfriend!

So I’ve been going out, tryin to meet new people, especially since Mr. Okay is getting boring and annoying trying to get serious. True, some of these people are people I met through him. So what? Anyways. I go to this club the other night and meet some people there. And they all seem cool except for this girl. She stares me down and then ignores me. Then clutches onto her boyfriend for dear life as though a pack of Victoria Secret models had strutted into the room. I already know she’s a drama insecure bitch because that’s just what they do. She thinks I want I her boyfriend just because she’s seen him check out my ass.

Models, coming for yo man. Not.

Whatever, I ignore the both of them. And it’s all good because I got enough attention elsewhere. I’m havin fun. Listen, I don’t want your boyfriend. Here’s why.

1)He’s probably so codependent in love with you that he can’t imagine being with another girl and fuckin up free cooking and laundry service the relationship. So you have nuthin to worry about. Know this and act accordingly. OR-

2)He’s a douchebag who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. It never is. And whether he’s looking for a side piece or the next girlfriend he can fuck over, I always seem like a good choice. I’m fun and hot. And yes, he will straight try to check me out and flirt with me in front of his girl. I don’t want that dude either. Too easy. And he will eventually do that shit to me and then I will be the girl fighting with him in the parking lot at the club while ruining my mascara over his skeezy ass. Not worth it.

Your insecure asses should also know this and act accordingly. (READ- by dumping him or at least accepting that your ‘relationship’ is a free-for-all for him, instead of acting like a drama queen by makin the whole night about you and have your boyfriend wish he was single (good goin!) and have every other dude thank God that they are single.)

Plus there are way too many single dumbasses men out there to be a number two for some dude who’s halfway taken and has a drama bitch stalking him. I am always NUMBER ONE!

So relax ladies, I don’t want your man.


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