Published June 11, 2012 by bossymoksie

15 things about me!

1. No job can hold me down! They really don’t work around your dating/beauty regime schedule, do they?

2. If you earn my respect you will get it. If not, then good luck to ya!

3. I’ve had 4 marraige proposals. Dodged 4 bullets. (future blog post)

4. I have a low threshold for boredom. Hence long term commitments to men a job to anything isn’t for me.

5. I’ve only committed to doing this blog for a full year…after that all bets are off.

6. I am rebellious and stubborn. Which means I will do the opposite of what you say. It’s just in me. It’s natural. You can’t stop it. Don’t try.

7. If I won the lottery, I would give half away to the poor. Being poor sucks. Besides I’m marrying someone rich anyway and will need to do something for image control.

8. I often use sex as a weapon. It’s worth it. Trust me. There have been no complaints to my face.

9. I went to Google University. That’s why I know my shit.

10. Hard liquor puts hair on your chest. I don’t want hair on my chest. I will drink my fruity girly drinks!

11. I will do things just to see how you react. It’s amusing. I. Can’t. Help. Myself.

12. What do I want to be when I grow up? Just me. Awesomeness. Like I’ve always been.

13. I LOVE Hot PINK! And GOLD!

14. I love shiny things. Hence, I love jewelry.  And whatever else is shiny. We could be in the middle of- anything- and if something shiny crosses my eyeline, I will be distracted.

As far as I’m concerned, there are only two car types. Shiny and not.


Shinyyyyyyy…this blog post is taking longer than I planned…

I mean really, everything important in life is shiny. But now back to what’s really important. ME!

15. If I had instragram on my phone, pics of me would be all over this joint! But I don’t.

Craptacular cell phone pic of me looking like Disney character. Just for you, bitches.

You can thank OnlineDatingJournal for this post. (And for recognizing my awesomeness.)


4 comments on “ME ME ME

  • We have much in common. I get bored if I don’t piss off at least a few people each day. I get bored way too easy, gets me into a lot of trouble. I am older now so it’s not really cute anymore. I am 34. 34 and rebellious just looks trashy. I don’t care – breaking rules makes me feel alive, even at my age!

    You go on with your bad self girl! Keep on keepin on.

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