Why You Should Pay

Published May 23, 2012 by bossymoksie

Last night I went out with a dude. The date was okay. When the check came for our meal, he asked if I was a modern woman (probably due to my  cooking rant the day before) and if I paid for dates. Um, noooooooo. Call me a hypocrite (but never to my face or I may cut you) but dudes should pay.

Once upon a time I was young and naive enough to think bein independent meant paying my own way on dates (and other occasions, like bills). I didn’t wanna owe nobody nuthin. I was independent. I was fierce. I was in control. I was gonna say and do whatever I wanted and throw my change cash in yo face! I was dumb.

Because I realized I could still talk smack, hang up the phone on you, and tell you to suck it (in more ways than one) whether dudes paid for the dates (and miscellaneous) or not. Ha!  Here’s why you should pay (besides me knowing that I don’t have to). You have to prove to me, and the whole female population, that you can take care of me before I can even think of taking care of you in whatever way I see fit. You can blame biology (like you like to do when explaining your whorish tendencies). When the men were hunters, they brought back a dead beast to their womenz to make sure they ate. That’s right. You take care of us. Except now it’s cash instead of a carcass. All for the pleasure of my lovely presence which may or may not include throwing a lamp at you. Or kicking you.

Doesn’t matter that I may or may not have my own money. Society has already assumed that you’re the main provider and has taken care of you. That’s why men make more than women on the dollar. Why they get hook-ups and discounts at car dealerships, mechanics, dry cleaners, constructions, and lawn care. Because you need that money to get laid! To pay for dates (or hookers, whatever your desperation fancy is.)

So to all my independent ladies, the next time you’re on that date, just know it’s the man’s DUTY to pay for it. And for you to take it and enjoy and use your money to overpay getting your car fixed.


15 comments on “Why You Should Pay

  • I am always going to make her pay from now on. I always used to believe that men should pay but after this blog, you better believe your bossyMoksie that she will pay 🙂

    • Still in shock that you pay for stuff. It’s good that you are watching out for your money though! Truthfully, as long as you’re having a good time, the venue and money doesn’t matter. But if things (or you) are boring, then money helps!

  • Why are you in shock? I’m all about treating the game fair and respectful. The venue and money definitely doesn’t matter. All you really need is good conversation to pull dimes. Money doesn’t really help though. Confidence is key and guys with money usually have more confidence. I didn’t tell my girlfriend what I did for work for the first few months. We didn’t do anything expensive or fancy. Usually the more attractive women don’t care about that stuff is because they have men with money trying to get with them all the time. This is why I always stress good conversation because you can’t buy that.

  • Lol, this post has convinced me to make her pay. 😛
    If she has a job and wants to be thought of as independent, she can independently pay for her purchases. These aren’t the days that men can tell women what to do or that women can’t walk out on marriages for fear of starving. Women have gotten more power, which comes with more responsibility 😀 (yay for spiderman!).

    • LOL. Of course you wouldn’t care if that’s something she wanted to do. But society has already assumed YOU will be needing that money and is paying you accordingly.
      And when you are in it to win it, you will pay!

      • I don’t see enough discounts that are just aimed at guys? Girls get in free in clubs and parties, or at least get discounts. But yeah, if guys want to hit it, they have to warm it up (in more ways than one, lol).

      • Look at the discounts you brought up. Of course girls get drinks and get into parties for free, so the guys can have some drunk chicks to hit on and bed! It’s for the men’s benefit, not the ladies. And businesses/clubs know that men go to clubs to get women, so it would behoove them to attract as much women as possible with free drinks and no cover charge!

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