A Good Workout

Published May 19, 2012 by bossymoksie

You know how you go to a fitness class, expecting to get your sweat on and burn off those peanut M&M’s you ate last night? Well. I was at a yoga booty boot camp class last night, trying out this new teacher. And this teacher likes to drop it like it’s hot, hump the floor, and gyrate her hips. And at first I thought, if I wanted to get my freak on, I would be at the club. And also that this teacher needed a social life and to get laid stat.

Work it!

And of course the teacher wants everyone else to jump in and show her what sexy, sexy moves they got, which just gave the class a case of the side-eye. Is she serious? On second thought, I thought, finally! A teacher who knows what exercising is really about! Why we’re all really in that class. To look hot and get laid! I mean, it’s not like I’m there for my health! We need to be ready to get physical. And look good so people will want to get physical.

I’m there to get it right and get it tight. I’m there to be ready for an all-night marathon, if one is presented (in the bedroom of course). I’m there to look great naked in case lights are kept on. I’m there to be ready to brawl like I’m on Jerry Springer if need be. I’m preparin for getting physical. Thanks, teach. Holla!


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