Published May 8, 2012 by bossymoksie

Ladies, this applies to you too! Just pretend he wrote this from a female’s POV cuz we should be lookin at the same EXACT things that he’s tellin dudes to look for.

I am Chase Hartley

The problem is that men do not know when to give up when it comes to women and I cannot imagine how fu#king annoying this must be for you ladies. Unfortunately gentlemen sometimes you’re a douche bag, sometimes she’s just not that into you, and sometimes you’re just not into her and that’s okay. Don’t make something out of nothing. The biggest mistake men make, is that they keep a $hitty conversation or whatever going on for too long. You should be analyzing her as much as she is analyzing you. Wear confidence not desperation she should be trying to impress you just as much as you are trying to impress her. You all have something to offer, just figure out what that is and wear the $hit out of it. Below are signs for both sexes to look out for.

Signs they are just not that into you (and…

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